HENRY WINKLER, the one and the only Fonzie, in ITALY !!

On Saturday, November 8, the TV show 'Torno Sabato' ('back on saturday'),live from Andria (Bari) had as special guest HENRY WINKLER, the fantastic FONZIE!!
I knew Henry Winkler was to come to Italy to guest star in the show only some days before. Obviously I wanted to take the opportunity to meet him, so I went there and saturday I was in his hotel in Andria!!!
Henry was really very nice: even if he was very tired for the time gap he had a small chat with me and he read the new issue of the fanzine (which he usally receives)!
Then I went to the shooting location (the sport palace) where I could see all the rehearsals and the live show. I wish to thank my 'crazy' friend Franco Bagnasco (an Italian journalist), who helped me very much in this, and very sweet Serena Pace,  responsible for press, who was really kind!
Here are some pictures from this day (unfortunately, they're of a low quality)! (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Here I am with Henry, woww!!! A dream come true! On the right, Henry shows the commemorative plate from the fan club! 

Here (above and under) Mr Winkler during rehearsals: below on the left he is with the cast from the show, Alena Seredova, Matilde Brandi and Giorgio Panariello

Here you can see some shots from the show... there's a surprise...

They need a  "Real man" ? So who better than Fonzie? Henry immediately gets all the women! 

And he lets Panariello know he's the one and only ... REAL MAN!! 


Here's the surprise: after about 15 years Henry Winkler is back with his leather jacket! It's him, the real and only FONZIE! He sings, along with Italian singer Little Tony, "Johnny B Goode" !! wowwww!!


HENRY WINKLER il pass il biglietto omaggio

Here are three memories of this wonderful day: a signed picture of Henry, the stage pass (don't be afraid by my picture!) and the ticket for the show!
What to say in the end? It was an unforgettable day.. we wish Henry will be back soon in Italy!

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Giuseppe Ganelli

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